The perfect synergy of ROYALTECH® and innovation meets naturalness

Our philosophy at ROYALTECH® and is based on three pillars: quality, naturalness and beauty. By using organic products and innovative technology, we create a perfect synergy that both respects the environment and meets aesthetic standards.

The outstanding features of our pool materials

Do you dream of a swimming pool that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also made from sustainable and durable materials?

At, we make this dream come true. Through years of research and development and the experience gained from building numerous pools worldwide, we have developed an innovative pool technology that is not only environmentally friendly, but also has a unique and patented structure.

Compared to conventional swimming pools made of concrete and PVC, our pool material offers three times the elasticity. It is also characterized by increased

resistance to UV rays, ice and chemical products such as chlorine. This significantly extends the service life of your pool and gives you a unique and robust swimming pool that invites you to swim and relax day after day.

Perfectly integrated into the surroundings

With its beautiful outdoor pools, creates a new ambience that blends harmoniously with the landscape and integrates seamlessly into the garden. A biopoolenhances the overall appearance of your garden in the long term.

Enjoying beach life in your own garden - a dream come true with a beach pool from!

With a Biodesign Beach Pool, you have the opportunity to help design the size and individual shape right from the start.

In collaboration with our planning team, your pool will be harmoniously integrated into your garden, resulting in an idyllic feast for the eyes that will amaze you and your guests!

There are no limits to the design of your Biodesign pool: Each pool has an individual shape, which our team will design together with you.

Whether you are looking for a beach pool for refreshing days of swimming, a spa landscape for pure relaxation or a swimming pool for sporting activities - with us, you can choose not just one option, but all of them!

Our beach pool design offers a wide range of personalization and usage options to perfectly implement your ideas.

Your dream pool quickly - with reduced costs

Our sophisticated and sustainable technology for beach pools enables faster installation of the pool and at the same time offers greater environmental compatibility compared to conventional pool systems. Complex and invasive installation work is a thing of the past! In addition, you only have one contact person for each project. This keeps the costs for planning, construction management and the actual construction to a minimum.

Installing a pool without concrete

The pool technology from is reminiscent of traditional swimming ponds in that it dispenses with concrete. The inclination of the pool follows the natural angle of the ground, which integrates the environmentally friendly pool without concrete aesthetically into the surroundings.

A watertight and flexible EPDM membrane is laid over the pool to keep water in the pool regardless of the groundwater level. Ground movements cannot damage the waterproofing or lead to water loss.

Natural stone in various grain sizes is applied over the liner and fixed with small amounts of resin to ensure the stability of the pool floor.

No structural analysis is required as no supporting structure is used. The elasticity of the liner allows the soil to move freely without losing water, which prevents hydrogeological changes.

Reduce maintenance costs for your individually designed pool

The biggest challenge for owners of conventional pools is maintenance during periods of non-use. Our beach pools with their individual shape enrich your garden all year round. In summer you can use it for swimming, while in winter it becomes a pond - an eye-catcher at any time of year.

The environmentally friendly biodesign pools offer numerous advantages:

Free design: In contrast to other manufacturers who offer traditional oval, round or rectangular pools, a Biodesign pool allows unlimited design freedom.

The design can be individually adapted to any garden or indoor area and can be used in a variety of ways: When planning your eco-friendly pool without concrete, you can include shallow water areas for relaxation or deeper areas for swimming and diving.

Unlimited options: Seating, children's areas, counter-current systems, geysers, water heating and much more are possible with a pool system from Thanks to our configurator, you can customize your dream pool.

Year-round use: The pool from can be used all year round, whether in summer as a refreshing garden beach or in winter as a decorative pond or to cool off after a visit to the sauna. This eliminates the need to drain or cover the water.

Quick construction: Compared to traditional pools, which require concreting, the installation of the environmentally friendly pool from is much quicker and easier.


In-ground outdoor pools, tailored to your wishes, give garden lovers an elegant individuality. Seamless integration into the garden design gives your outdoor area a luxurious touch and creates a harmonious atmosphere. Our custom-made garden pools are perfectly tailored to your needs and make your dream of the perfect garden pool a reality.

Outdoor pool, sunken, for discerning garden lovers

The special feature of this pool lies not only in its aesthetic integration, but also in the unusual choice of materials. Instead of conventional concrete, we use a resin mixture with sand, which gives the pool the appearance of a picturesque pond with an inviting beach. As a result, the Biodesign pool blends seamlessly with its surroundings and creates a natural atmosphere that invites you to linger.

Our garden pool makes it easy to integrate a shallow area that not only allows easy access but also serves as a play paradise for children. Unlike conventional above-ground pools, the Biodesign pool allows you to preserve the beauty of nature while enjoying relaxed privacy. Whether you're looking for refreshing swimming fun or simply poolside tranquillity, an in-ground outdoor pool provides the perfect setting.

Experience bespoke elegance and realize your dream of a garden pool. Immerse yourself in stylish swimming pleasure and enjoy the tailor-made beauty that will transform your garden into a true paradise.

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